Welcome to PortableVoices Studios

Who We Are

 We are the full-service production and publishing arm of PortableVoices, the premier platform for African audiobooks and audio entertainment. We are the experts behind the great sound you hear. We handle the sound, music, and voice over. 

Our Services

We provide a range of in-studio and out-of studio audio production and recording services that enables you to create content with easy and convenience. Our services include: 

Sound Design

Sound Design is the process of creating the sonic landscape for a multimedia project such as audiobook, podcast, animation, games etc. We work with you to create sonic experience aligned with your goals. Using our deep knowledge in sound and storytelling we ensure your audio has the best quality and mood. We find and regularly record our own custom sound elements ts to keep sharpening our skills and experience.

Voice Over

We understand the importance of narrative and the role of performance plays in bringing the story to life. We make it our goal to create sonic performance that march the emotional needs of the characters and the stories they tell. We provide access to professional local voice over artists with mastery of multiple languages including international languages such as English, Spanish and French and local African dialects.

Audio Post-Production

Sound implementation or post-production, is the the art and science of combining sounds, music, and voices together to create the final sonic world of the project. We offer mixing and mastering services for both interactive and cinematic media such as podcasts, audiobooks, animation, television ads, films and Movies to help you mix, master, and create the best possible listening experience for your project. 

Clients Served

We have served some of the best brands in Kenya.