About Us

PortableVoices Studios is the audio production arm of Portablevoices, the premier platform for Pan-African audiobooks and audio entertainment,  specializing in sound design, studio rental, and voice over services for interactive media.

Why Choose PortableVoices Studios?


We have produce more than 50 projects so far where we were responsible for sound design, music and voice over, from inception to implementation. Some of the content we have produced include podcasts, audiobooks, e-learning content, and radio commercials.


We have developed a reliable production process that ensures fast and efficient production and delivery of any project we undertake. Portablevoices Studios takes the worry out of the production process managing th entire process from start to finish so that you don’t have to. 

Collaborative Approach

We respond to each project needs individually. Through open and clear communication and tested tools and process, we strive to ensure your project is sound great and within your specifications, to help you manage deadlines without burning the bank.